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SEDCO is proudly a Saudi company with investments spanning the most exciting markets in sectors crucial to sustainable prosperity – including healthcare, education, asset management, hospitality and real estate.

Real Estate Investments

SEDCO Holding invests in a diverse portfolio of real estate assets in global capitals – ranging from high-yield developments and capital gain investments to valuable land banks for future development. Within Saudi Arabia, the Group’s portfolio includes shopping malls, hotels, apartment blocks, office buildings, industrial units and prime development lands.


In Saudi Arabia, SEDCO’s portfolio of real estate assets includes shopping malls, hotels, apartment blocks, office buildings, industrial units and prime development lands, investment funds and a strategic land bank.

Al Naseem Warehouse, Jeddah

Occupying a site of 88,533 m² on King Abdullah Road, this warehouse complex is wholly owned by SEDCO Holding.

Karboos Warehouses, Jazan

Located on King Faisal Road in Jazan’s Karboos district, the warehouse and strip retail development occupies a 43,904 m² site and is wholly owned by SEDCO Holding.

SEDCO Holding has a significant bank of prime undeveloped land across Saudi Arabia, with sites in Riyadh, Taif, Madinah, Abha, Yanbu, Makkah, Jazan and Jeddah.​

Regulatory changes and a white land tax have increased momentum towards turning unused land into projects that support Saudi Vision 2030 and SEDCO Holding’s Focus 2025 strategy.

SEDCO Capital Real Estate Income Fund – I

In 2012, SEDCO acquired a strategic stake in this Saudi income-generating fund. The fund has secured properties in the Kingdom’s residential, retail and office sectors.

SEDCO Capital Real Estate Income Fund – II

The success of the first Real Estate Income Fund prompted the group’s asset-management arm SEDCO Capital to launch Fund II. The fund, now closed to investors, was matched by an equal sum in debt funding. Clients largely comprise institutional investors, high net worth individuals and sovereign wealth funds.

Al Mojama Building, Jeddah

Fully owned by SEDCO Holding and offering serviced apartments as well as strip retail, Al Mojama occupies a 2,508m² site at the corner of King Abdulaziz Road and Salahuddin Road in Jeddah’s Al Balad area.

Al Bairoti Building, Jeddah

Al Bairoti offers a mix of residential units with a small retail component. It has a built area of 13,793 m² on a 2,755m² site, and is situated on Jeddah’s Old Makkah Road. The property is wholly owned by SEDCO Holding.

Al Soror Building, Jeddah

Al Soror is located close to Al Bairoti in downtown Jeddah and offers a mix of residential and retail. A built area of 15,800m² rests on a 3,744m² site.

Bab Al Shareef Building, Jeddah

Located in the Balad area of Jeddah, Bab al Shareef includes a mix of residential units supported by a small retail element. It has a built area of 4,541m² and sits on a 570m² site.

​Al Sohaifa Building, Jeddah

This mixed-use residential and retail property is at the corner of Old Makkah Road and King Fahad Road in Jeddah. Al Sohaifa offers 10,484 m² of built area on a 1,200 m² site. The property is wholly owned by SEDCO Holding.​

Golden Belt Compound, Al-Khobar

SEDCO Holding co-invested in this 143-unit medium gated compound in 1994. The development is located on a prime site of 46,000 m² beside Al-Khobar Mall, in the area between Dammam and Al-Khobar that is known as the Golden Belt district.

Galleria, Jeddah

Situated in Jeddah’s Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Street, Hotel Galleria by Elaf combines an upscale retail mall and a five-star hotel totaling 79,329 m² of built area on a site of 8,740 m². The development launched in early 2018.
The 12-story structure comprises a 364-room five-star hotel, retail units, restaurants and conference rooms. The award-winning architectural design features a classical facade enclosing a contemporary core.​
SEDCO Holding is a co-investor in the project, which was executed by SEDCO Development. Group company Elaf manages the property.

Red Sea Mall, Jeddah

Red Sea Mall is one of the largest mixed-use retail developments in Saudi Arabia, with a built area of 242,200 m². It was conceptualized and developed by SEDCO Holding, and opened in March 2008. The property is 49.5% owned by SEDCO Holding.​
Red Sea Mall is the Western region’s only mall with a connected five-star hotel and a premium office tower (SEDCO Tower, which has a gross leasable area of 10,549 m²). The 156-room hotel is leased to Elaf until 2029.​
In 2018 Red Sea Mall finished its third expansion and opened a cinema complex. The expansion consolidated its position as Jeddah’s leading super-mall and immediately sparked a 25% footfall increas

Al Nakheel Center, Jeddah

Located at the corner of Madinah Road and Falasteen Street in Jeddah’s Al-Mosaedyah district, this fully owned SEDCO property Center comprises two office buildings supported by a retail complex. Total built area extends to 25,417 m² on a site of 15,437 m².

​Al Mahmal Center, Jeddah

SEDCO developed Al Mahmal Center in central Jeddah in 1985, and owns an 80% stake in the shopping complex. The property is managed by Al Mahmal Development.
With more than 35,000 m² of built area, Al Mahmal Center offers a mix of retail and F&B offerings. The seven-story structure is connected to its adjoining office tower via an elevated walkway.

​Al Khaimah Commercial Center (Tent Souk), Jeddah

SEDCO Holding is a co-investor in Al Khaimah Commercial Center, with 50% ownership of the mixed-retail complex that sits on a 49,602m² site on King Khaled Road in Jeddah’s Al Handawia district. The center maintains 99% occupancy.​

Al Sabeel Retail, Jeddah

Al Sabeel shopping center is wholly owned by SEDCO Holding and is situated on a 2,483m² site close to Makkah Road in Jeddah’s Al Sabeel district.

Al Sabeel, Jeddah

The mixed-use development constitutes a petrol station, warehouse and offices, and is located on a 5,100m² site at the corner of Old Makkah Road and King Fahad Road.

Elaf Kinda, Makkah

Located close to the Holy Haram area of Makkah, the five-star hotel property is wholly owned by SEDCO Holding and operated by the Elaf Group. The property has recently been renovated and offers 4 restaurants and a range of amenities.

Al Sud, Makkah

A five minute walk from the Holy Haram, the four-star Al Sud offers 204 rooms and suites to pilgrims. The hotel is linked to the Holy Haram by an underground passage and also provides a 24-hour shuttle bus service for pilgrims. SEDCO Holding is a co-investor in the property.

Elaf Bakkah, Makkah

Opened in late 2013 in Mahbas Al-Jin district, this 15-story hotel has 810 keys, a prayer area, retail outlets, a mezzanine-level coffee shop and a full-service restaurant. The development is wholly owned by SEDCO Holding Group and managed by Elaf. The total built area extends to 60,000 m² on a 3,651m² site.

Invest with SEDCO

SEDCO holds a strategic stake in the land sub-division development that will offer independent housing plots.