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Sustainablility is a core element of SEDCO holding's organizational culture led by the Marketing function.

Group Company Initiatives

Group Company Initiatives

SEDCO Holding’s CSR culture is furthered by the group’s operating companies that operate their own initiatives in addition to SEDCO Holding’s.

Arabian Farms participated in the UAE Ag-Ccelerator initiative to adopt sustainable technologies, enabling effective agriculture in marginal environments. The Ag-Ccelerator brought public and private sector entities together with civil society and academia to address food security regionwide. Arabian Farms’ leadership participated in a 100-day workshop that culminated in a series of recommendations presented to the UAE’s leadership.

As the world’s largest Shariah asset manager, SEDCO Capital continued to promote its Prudent Ethical Investing (PEI) approach on the world stage. The strategy combines responsible investing with Shariah principles to create a sustainable investment framework. The approach uses negative screens, transparency and ESG criteria to avoid harmful products, and boom and bust cycles. Market research shows that PEI can outperform unconstrained portfolios and conventional ethical approaches in terms of risk-adjusted gains.

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