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SEDCO is global entity with investments spanning the world’s most exciting markets. These include operating companies, real estate and public and private equities.


SEDCO Holding has invested in world-class hospitality offerings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through operating companies such as the Elaf brand. Apart from running its well-recognized chain of three-, four-, and five-star hotels, Elaf is a market leader in inbound and outbound tour packages, and also serves as a sales agent for major airlines

Al Mahmal Development

Al Mahmal Development Co. is a property manager and developer established in 2004 to manage Al Mahmal Shopping Center in Jeddah. The Centre, which opened in 1987, is 80% owned by SEDCO Holding.

Red Sea Markets

Red Sea Markets owns and operates Red Sea Mall, Jeddah’s biggest shopping mall and also the city’s most exciting retail experience. The retail destination draws some 17 million people every year.


TARFEEH is a wholly-owned SEDCO Holding subsidiary and the force behind taste-making brands such as Applebee’s and Ocean Basket.

Elaf Group

Elaf is a market leader in Saudi Arabia’s tourism, travel and hotels sector. It operates its own chain of hotels, offers integrated tourism packages, and acts as a General Sales Agent (GSA) for global airlines.