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SEDCO is proudly a Saudi company with investments spanning the most exciting markets in sectors crucial to sustainable prosperity – including healthcare, education, asset management, hospitality and real estate.

Education Focus

We are investing in education as a building block to the future. Our focus in this sector comes as the Middle East stands on the cusp of an education revolution designed to cope with the transition to knowledge-based economies.

Rising populations, literacy levels, and enrolment figures, are creating demand for quality education, with the total number of students in the GCC expected to cross 15 million by 2020.

At the same time, growing demand is throwing into relief the need for infrastructure, schools and trained teachers. It is estimated that the cities of Jeddah, Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo will need at least 350 new private sector schools by 2020.

While GCC governments continue investing heavily in education, the private sector is becoming crucial in meeting demand for world-class, technology-assisted education.

At SEDCO Holding, we are making strategic investments in education providers to help a new generation with the tools and aptitude required for global success. Our efforts support the Saudi Vision 2030, which calls for the development of skills to succeed in modern life and support national growth.

We are constantly exploring new opportunities to bolster global education, and invite potential partners to get in touch.

Invest with SEDCO

SEDCO holds a strategic stake in the land sub-division development that will offer independent housing plots.