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SEDCO is proudly a Saudi company with investments spanning the most exciting markets in sectors crucial to sustainable prosperity – including healthcare, education, asset management, hospitality and real estate.

Asset Management

SEDCO Holding has an influential presence in the financial services arena. Our wholly-owned subsidiary SEDCO Capital is a world-class Shariah compliant asset manager that has won a slew of awards for its prudence, prudent and market outperformance.

Sector Partners

SEDCO Capital

SEDCO Capital is a Shariah-compliant asset management firm that offers attractive investment opportunities across global markets through carefully curated public and private funds, and special investment vehicles.

Public Equities

SEDCO Holding is a pioneering investor in global Shariah complaint public equities, money markets and other liquid assets, managed by SEDCO Capital.

Private Equities

SEDCO Holding invests in regional and international private equity opportunities through it’s SEDCO Capital asset management arm.

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