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Welcome to the latest edition of SEDCO Scope – SEDCO Holding newsletter.

2020 has been a landmark year — one that we will remember for its incredible challenges but also its opportunities.

We started off the year on a high note, our business strategy “Focus 2025” baring its early fruit, and then the COVID 19 pandemic hit which placed considerable strain on all life aspects and slowed down businesses. Throughout this time the group displayed an immense sense of resilience and has not only managed to survive during this time but also to thrive.

The following pages highlight the unwavering spirit that aims for excellence within the group. Major milestones that had been set were accomplished, our group companies also innovated during this time and most importantly they displayed a deep sense of commitment to the community by providing resources such as food and medical equipment; supporting health care workers; and helping raise public awareness about the pandemic.

As we enter a new dawn, we are especially excited to share with you the reveal of our new brand strategy with a new vision, mission and values that help guide our way.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading this newsletter, and staying informed about what SEDCO Holding and Group companies have accomplished.

Communication Team,

SEDCO Holding