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Sustainablility is a core element of SEDCO holding's organizational culture led by the Marketing function.

Salem bin Mahfouz Foundation

Salem bin Mahfouz Foundation

Salem bin Mahfouz Foundation (SBMF) was founded to offer leadership towards sustainable development. The organization’s mission is to empower communities through sustainable, qualitative and institutional grants directed at civil society organizations.

SBMF fulfills this mission by focusing on three core areas – education, civil society development, and community activities.

Every year, SBMF allocates millions of dollars in educational grants for targeted projects. The Foundation offered undergraduate and graduate scholarships to students of both genders to encourage human development.

SBMF also conducts capacity-building training programs for charities, and conducts teacher development for educational institutions. The foundation champions the implementation of Kagan’s cooperative learning models as a teacher classroom management system across schools.

Apart from this, SBMF involves students of both genders in volunteering programs that build skills and community engagement, and also reaches out to students through arts, sports and cultural education programs.

Empowering Third Sector Organizations

The Foundation empowers third sector organizations by developing their human resources and organizational structures, and dedicates millions of dollars annually to the task.

The funds are channeled into targeted programs that help civil society concerns achieve excellence and deliver their developmental goals.

SBMF has also developed its own Athar Academy – a non-profit organization working to nurture competences in media, art and leadership. It also focuses on its own Bin Mahfouz Mosques, and delivers the training and support needed to make them centers of the community.

Community Development
SBMF allocates funds towards an array of programs targeting family development, individual economic empowerment, youth participation in sports, and volunteering. It also reaches tens of thousands of people annually through Quran memorization classes and neighborhood activities channeled through its Bin Mahfouz Mosques.

Under its Go! Program, the Foundation helps small business owners with the training to successfully manage their business, and offers loans to help expansion. SBMF also works towards economic empowerment for families by training women to set up small cottage industries.

SBMF has also innovated a program of footballer role models. It has worked with football clubs to develop 120 players as role models, who are encouraged to live up to their responsibility as icons for young fans.

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