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Sustainablility is a core element of SEDCO holding's organizational culture led by the Marketing function.



Giving back to the community is a key element of SEDCO culture. It was this thrust towards empowering communities that first gave rise to the Riyali financial literacy scheme – which empowers people with the ability to effectively manage their finances, and also helps entrepreneurs overcome financial hurdles.

We believe in reaching out to our communities through a program of volunteering. Recently, our volunteering program has been formalized, and included in employee KPIs – with giving 25 hours a year to community initiatives now contributing 5% towards overall employee evaluations. We have actively cultivated relationships with non-profit concerns to give employees additional avenues for volunteering.

We also marked our 40th year of operations by ramping up our community outreach through the “40 days of giving” initiative. The campaign made the community a central pillar of SEDCO Holding’s journey, and accelerated all CSR programs for a period of 40 days.

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