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Sustainablility is a core element of SEDCO holding's organizational culture led by the Marketing function.



Employee motivation and well-being are central tenets of SEDCO Holding’s CSR efforts. Our employee-centric activities encompass health and well-being, communication, professional development, and reaching out to alumni.

Our employee health programs are growing year on year. We encourage our teams to take the stairs instead of the elevator and eat a balanced diet. Green apples are made freely available throughout the company to encourage healthy snacking.

Every year, we also offer tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the holy month of Ramadan. Every Ramadan sees our Mizan Al Khair weight loss campaign gain further traction – with sporting activities organized, and subsidies offered on gym memberships.

We encourage our employees to be the best they can be professionally. Our SEDCO Group Stars program identifies high-potential employees and fast tracks them to leadership roles. The program has seen many SEDCO employees graduate, benefit from continuous mentoring opportunities, and then go on to help develop other promising stars.

We don’t just look after our current employees, but also reach out to our alumni. We have expanded our Tawasul program – where SEDCO teams visit employees on special occasions such as marriages and births, and if they are recovering from illness. Tawasul also encourages regular outreach towards retired SEDCO alumni to maintain strong bonds and strengthen organizational culture.

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