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SEDCO is proudly a Saudi company with investments spanning the world’s most exciting markets in sectors crucial to sustainable prosperity – including healthcare, education, asset management, hospitality and real estate.

Financial Investments

SEDCO Holding is an integrated part of the global financial system. Our wholly-owned subsidiary SEDCO Capital is a world-class Shariah compliant asset manager that has won a slew of awards for its prudence, prudent and market out performance. Apart from direct equity stakes in operating companies and real estate assets in Saudi Arabia, we invest international private equity opportunities through its SEDCO Capital asset management arm. We are also a pioneering investor in global Shariah complaint public equities, money markets and other liquid assets, also managed by SEDCO Capital. We are always investigating new financial sector investment opportunities that meet our ethical and prudent investing criteria.

Public Equities

SEDCO Holding is a pioneering investor in global Shariah complaint public equities, money markets and other liquid assets through its asset management arm SEDCO Capital.

These international liquid assets are managed according to a core/satellite strategy.

The core, which accounts for the bulk of the allocation, is passively managed to follow the market benchmark and reduce risk.​ Meanwhile, the satellite strategies are designed to catalyze higher returns further along the risk curve to spur market outperformance.​ Meanwhile, SEDCO Holding’s liquid investments in MENA markets are managed by SEDCO Capital’s MENA Liquid Assets team.

SEDCO Holding has taken stakes in several income-generating funds, and also invests in money markets and sukuks.​

The firm prefers secular investments offering low downside risk in line with its ethos of prudent investment.

International Private Equities

SEDCO Holding’s international private equity investments are managed through its SEDCO Capital asset management arm.

We invest in income-generating opportunities and capital gains plays across developed and emerging markets via instruments designed by SEDCO Capital.

We are currently favoring co-investments in mid-market companies across specific sectors – such as consumer, education, healthcare, industrial, and tech-enabled industries. Co-investments offer the benefit of faster implementation and a doubling of due diligence due to both parties in the investment conducting their own assessments.

To date, SEDCO Capital’s asset management expertise has helped SEDCO Holding avoid market volatility, with our private equity investments outperforming the benchmark.

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