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SEDCO is global entity with investments spanning the world’s most exciting markets. These include operating companies, real estate and public and private equities.

Direct Investments​

SEDCO Holding is a partner of choice for businesses seeking investment, and other investors wanting to explore co-investment opportunities. We are set apart by the value we bring to our partners through an experienced central office, shared resources, and collaboration with sister concerns under the Group’s umbrella.

A Strategically Balanced
Investment Portfolio

Our operating companies are active in sectors crucial to sustainable prosperity – including healthcare, education, asset management, hospitality and real estate. We support our businesses with the resources, expertise and opportunities they need to become industry leaders. Find out more about our businesses and sectors of operation.

A Partner of Choice

SEDCO is global entity with investments spanning the world’s most exciting markets. These include operating companies, real estate and public and private equities. With a prudent and ethical approach combined with excellent corporate governance, SEDCO Holding is considered a partner of choice for businesses and investors looking for alliances to explore market opportunities. We support our partners with the market knowledge, resources and synergies needed to succeed in competitive markets.

We are currently in the process of expanding our investments in promising sectors, and invite approaches from promising business partners





Main Sectors



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Real Estate

SEDCO Holding invests in a diverse portfolio of real estate assets in global capitals – ranging from high-yield developments and capital gain investments to valuable land banks for future development. Within Saudi Arabia, the Group’s portfolio includes shopping malls, hotels, apartment blocks, office buildings, industrial units and prime development lands.

Financial Investments

Apart from direct equity stakes in operating companies and real estate assets in Saudi Arabia, SEDCO Holding invests in international private equity opportunities through our SEDCO Capital asset management arm.
We are also a pioneering investor in global Shariah complaint public equities, money markets and other liquid assets, also managed by SEDCO Capital.

Healthcare Focus

We are investing in creating better health for millions of people across the MENA region, and beyond.

Education Focus

We believe that investments in education are crucial building blocks to a prosperous future as rising populations drive demand across the Middle East.

Success Stories

Nahdi Medical Company

When SEDCO acquired a 50% stake in Nahdi Medical Company, the partnership set Nahdi on a growth path that saw it redefine Saudi Arabia’s retail pharmacy market.

DAR Al Faoud Hospital

SEDCO Holding took a 25.8% in tertiary healthcare specialist Dar Al Fouad to become its shareholder and meet specialized healthcare demand in Kuwait and Cairo.


When SEDCO Holding took a 40% stake in male thobe outfitter Alshiaka, the brand embarked on a journey to become the market favorite for fashionable young men.