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Auto World

Tariq Khshhal

Chief Executive Officer


AutoWorld increased its fleet size from 2,500 to over 10,000 between 2010 and 2018.

Auto World

AutoWorld is a wholly-owned SEDCO Holding subsidiary and one of the pioneers in the field of operational lease and vehicle maintenance in Saudi Arabia. The company operates nationwide and is one of the Kingdom’s fastest growing companies in vehicle operational lease. The company also owns high-tech service and repair workshops equipped with high-tech and fast service stations throughout the Kingdom.


In mid-2019, AutoWorld relocated its head office in Al-Khobar, exited the short-term rentals business, and adopted a new strategic plan — Shift 2025 — defining a clear roadmap for the company. The plan involves expanding its core lease business while introducing new value-added services for corporate and retail clients. The strategy includes a dedicated operational excellence program that focuses on increasing the scale of the company’s core lease operations through enhancing key business processes to deliver better client experience.


Operational highlights of 2021 following unusual circumstances in 2020 included new contracts that were signed with leading corporates and government entities celebrating its 40th anniversary under the theme #BetterTogether. The company also introduced new services to retail and opened a new workshop in Asfan, Jeddah as part of its expansion plans including all main cities. Furthermore, project SWITCH was successfully launched under the company’s strategic objective of enhancing digital transformation to provide hassle-free services.


The year 2022 is expected to include business updates focusing on administrational and technological solutions that are key to raise service standards to standout within the automotive industry.


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