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SEDCO Holding - Investment partner of choice in Saudi Arabia & around the world

About SEDCO Holding

SEDCO Holding is a leading Saudi ethical and sustainable investor with a track record of excellence dating back over 44 years.

A Strategically Balanced
Investment Portfolio

Our operating companies are active in sectors crucial to sustainable prosperity – including healthcare, education, asset management, hospitality and real estate. We support our businesses with the resources, expertise and opportunities they need to become industry leaders. Find out more about our businesses and sectors of operation.

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SEDCO Holding is a partner of choice for businesses seeking investment, and other investors wanting to explore co-investment opportunities. We are set apart by the value we bring to our partners through an experienced central office, shared resources, and collaboration with sister concerns under the Group’s umbrella.

See how we support the businesses we invest in and help them create success stories.

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SEDCO Broadens Out Ramadan Health Challenge

27 APR 2022 SEDCO Holding has broadened out its Ramadan Health Challenge to include more ways that employees can meet their fitness goals.   Traditionally, health challenges have focused on weight loss as an objective, with progress measured on the we...

SEDCO’s Journey of Giving 2022 On Track During The Holy Month of Ramadan

27 APR 2022 SEDCO Holding Group’s annual Journey of Giving campaign has returned during, continuing the tradition of SEDCO teams activity volunteering, engaging in charity, and celebrating the joy of giving during the holy month.   This year, the Jo...

SEDCO Holding Publishes Annual Review for 2021 To Highlight Key Achievements

27 APR 2022 SEDCO Holding has published its annual review for 2021, highlighting the key trends and circumstances the company navigated during the year. The review, available on, is laid out in well-defined sections, making it ...

"Achieving success is a period challenge, keeping it is the real challenge."