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Hussein Bin Saleem

Chief Executive Officer


SEDCO Holding has invested in Alshiaka, the Saudi Arabian apparel brand that specializes in luxury thobes.

Alshiaka is a strong player in Saudi Arabia’s menswear sector, which despite economic fluctuations is expected to hit SAR 58 billion by 2021.

The brand is retooling for growth by completing a transformation plan.

New directors have been hired to grow exciting product lines, and the company has charted its growth to 2025 through via an 8-year strategic plan.

Alshiaka is expanding its offerings, innovating new marketing and sales channels, and revamping its line of designer thobes to stay abreast of market trends.

Product pricing, merchandising, planning and buying processes have also been upgraded.

The brand is gaining market popularity through product innovation.

It has introduced its new “Alfakher” fabric to eliminate shrinkage and wrinkling concerns associated with pure cotton products.

The new fabric preserves cotton’s premium feel while improving wearability, comfort and durability.

Alshiaka is also known for its association with football.

It is the first apparel company to introduce “Club’s Thobe Products” for Al Hilal FC & Al Ittihad FC, the top two teams in the Saudi Football League.

The exclusive sponsorship arrangement makes Alshiaka the first thobe provider in the region to affiliate with football – a platform that offers powerful access to its core target audience of males between 16 and 30 years of age.

E-commerce remains a key component of Alshiaka’s push towards new audiences.

The brand has launched its products on popular regional e- commerce marketplace, and is also developing its own e-commerce offering. Meanwhile, the “Tablet Project” optimizes the brand’s online presence and stock information for consumption on smaller screens and mobiles.

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