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SEDCO is global entity with investments spanning the world’s most exciting markets. These include operating companies, real estate and public and private equities.

Real Estate

SEDCO Holding is powering the development of Saudi Arabia’s real estate sector via operating companies that are delivering the infrastructure, residential and commercial properties essential to long-term economic growth. SEDCO Holding’s engagement with the sector comes through fully-owned subsidiary SEDCO Development, and direct investment in developers such as Khomasiat Tabah and Ewaan Global Residential.

SEDCO Holding delivers integrated real estate services ranging from asset and facilities management to trained manpower supply. Our integrated services, delivered through operating companies including Intimaa , Al Mahmal Trading, and Tazweid, maximize the value of real estate assets throughout their lifecycle and create new opportunities for landlords and business owners.

SEDCO Development

SEDCO Development is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SEDCO Holding Group that in 2013 changed its business focus from development manager and service provider to direct developer.


Intimaa Real Estate Services Company is the premier provider of full-spectrum real estate services in Saudi Arabia. The company offers facilities management, property management, mall management, project management, real-estate advisory, sales and consultation services to its clients.

Al Mahmal Facilities Services

SEDCO Holding Group is the majority shareholder in facilities management specialist Al Mahmal Trading. The company offers integrated operational, maintenance, janitorial, housekeeping and security support solutions.