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Arabian Farms

Dr. Suheel Ahmed

Chief Executive Officer

Arabian Farms

SEDCO Holding has invested in eggs and poultry provider Arabian Farms Development Company Ltd. The company, established in 1978, is currently operating farms in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Currently, the Arabian Farms’ UAE facility is one of the country’s premier egg producers with an annual production capacity of 140 million eggs. By 2020, Arabian Farms aims to hit a total production of 270 million eggs across all its facilities – a leap up from the 40 million table eggs it started with in 1978.

The brand is known for its innovative approach to eggs and poultry products, and is the UAE’s only producer of high-end pasteurized shell eggs. The product line, introduced in 2015, is seeing high demand from luxury hotels.

Market demand has spurred constant investment in production facilities. Both KSA and Dubai farms have added new poultry houses to boost gross production by 10%. Machinery has also been upgraded, and building structures improved to enhance process and product quality. High biosecurity standards protect birds from disease outbreaks, with new mills increasing feed quality and traceability for better biosecurity. Control over its feed helps Arabian Farms develop premium products such as Omega-3 eggs.

Arabian Farms has also expanded into poultry meat products with the development of a greenfield broiler chicken site in Al Ain, UAE. When finished, the state of the art project will produce 6000 Tonnes per year of broiler meat an annum, helping Arabian Farms capture 2% of the regional fresh chicken market.

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