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SEDCO’s 2022 Journey of Giving Reaches Over 1,275 Beneficiaries While Creating 56,000 SAR In Economic Value

01 Jun 2022

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SEDCO’s Journey of Giving, the annual tradition where SEDCO employees actively volunteer, engage in charity, and celebrate the joy of giving during Ramadan, returned with high impact for 2022.



In 2022, the Journey of Giving was visualized as a train trip, with stations representing volunteering and charitable activities. Examples of train stations, or milestones, along the Journey include packing and delivering grocery boxes to deserving families, distributing bakhoor bags to neighborhood mosques, collecting clothes and toys from SEDCO’s donation corner and distributing them to deserving families, joining in a homemade iftar, preparing workshop spaces for a charity organization, and more. The final stop was the Eid is Joy initiative, where SEDCO volunteers accompany deserving children to buy new clothes in preparation for the Eid celebration.


Overall, 10 distinct initiatives saw participation by 83 volunteers, who collectively totalled 970 volunteering hours between them. The initiative reached a collective 1,275 beneficiaries. 116 food baskets were distributed to those in need, while the final Eid clothes and toys drive saw 600+ children given Eid gifts.


The Journey of Giving’s emphasis on accountability and impact led to the generation of 56,000 SAR in measurable economic value. While generating tangible and measurable impact, the Journey also cemented strong bonds of camaraderie between SEDCO team members.

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