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SEDCO Holding’s Digital Transformation Continues With Injaz Moving Online

01 Jun 2022

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As part of SEDCO Holding’s digital transformation program, the company has successfully moved its Injaz employee performance management system to a digital platform.


The Injaz performance management system comprises three main phases. First, a planning phase sees leadership decide on company-wide objectives that are then cascaded down through the organization. Mid-year, a review phase kicks off where teams and individuals review their progress against set objectives to ensure they are on track, and make adjustments as necessary. The cycle ends with a feedback phase where employees are apprised of their performance, and possibly given objectives to help improve skills for the next Injaz cycle.


Previously, Injaz was a document-intensive process, handled within individual departments and then shared with HR to compile. Now, Injaz becomes a beacon of paperless processing on its new digital platform. Not only is paper use eliminated, but the system creates greater transparency through more effective monitoring.


The move to digital also cuts down on the number of face to face meetings required. Employees are now able to see how on-track they are to meet objectives through a digital dashboard. Meanwhile, the meetings required to cascade top-line objectives through the organization are also optimized, with leaders and managers being able to share objectives with teams automatically via the platform.


SEDCO’s IT and HR departments collaborated on the development of the new digital Injaz platform. Employees and managers have been offered training to familiarize them with the digital system and simulated environments have been developed by the IT department for employees to further practice using the digital system.

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