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SEDCO Academy Partners With Coursera To Provide Customized E-Learning Platform For Employees

01 Jun 2022

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SEDCO Academy has partnered with Coursera, a global leader in e-learning, to develop a customized e-learning platform for SEDCO Holding employees.


The platform, tailored to SEDCO Holding’s specifications and requirements, will host 5,000 plus courses taught by top instructors from over 200 universities and organizations.


The Coursera partnership is part of SEDCO Academy’s mission to develop tailored and powerful e-learning opportunities for SEDCO employees, boosting both personal and professional growth.


The platform will be accessible via web and through a mobile app. Easy to use and intuitive to navigate, it will offer course recommendations to create an easy-to-follow learning plan.


SEDCO Academy is SEDCO’s in-house hub of e-learning and professional development that unlocks new learning and growth opportunities for SEDCO employees. Coursera, meanwhile, is a global online learning platform that offers anyone, anywhere, access to online courses and degrees from leading universities and companies.

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