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Salem Bin Mahfouz Foundation and SEDCO Holding Donate more than 9 Million SAR in Support of National Efforts to Combat Coronavirus

27 Mar 2020

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The Salem Bin Mahfouz Foundation and SEDCO Holding have provided 9,618,419 SAR in support of national efforts to combat the outbreak of the new coronavirus. The donation was directed towards health equipment, enhancing infection prevention, and social and relief initiatives, in addition to raising awareness through the ‘Conscious Community’ initiative.

This participation stems from national duty and social responsibility, which is a major business strategy in the Salem Bin Mahfouz Foundation and a key element in the SEDCO Holding culture. An amount of SAR 7,404,419 has been provided for food baskets, SAR 1,642,000 for health services and equipment, and an amount of SAR 380,000 for training volunteers, while the contribution for the awareness and education program reached SAR 192,000.

‘Conscious Community’ is a nationwide initiative launched by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the General Authority for Awqaf, and the Council of Non-governmental Organizations, to raise awareness and limit the spread of the coronavirus. The initiative includes four main pillars: preventative health services, relief services, awareness, and public and educational services. The initiative aims to achieve an integrated effort and active participation from non-governmental organizations in the Kingdom, donor institutions, and private sector CSR departments to reach a joint working plan commensurate with the government’s directives to confront the new coronavirus outbreak.

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