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SEDCO Holding Signs MoU with The National eLearning Center to Amplify Rowad Impact

01 Jun 2023

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SEDCO Holding’s Rowad, the financial management literacy program for entrepreneurs, has signed an MoU with the National eLearning Center to make its content available to the National Program for Open Educational Content.


Rowad is SEDCO’s flagship program to boost entrepreneurs financial management literacy across the Kingdom. With this agreement, SEDCO has released its tailored content for use and reuse to boost impact and benefit the widest possible audience.


The MoU will also see SEDCO’s Rowad team collaborate with the National eLearning Center to raise awareness on the importance of financial literacy in creating an independent and diversified economy in line with Vision 2030.


Creating a new generation of empowered entrepreneurs is key to national development and diversification strategies, and a central belief of Rowad program. The program has grown steadily, with new courses tailored for specific audiences. The agreement with the National eLearning Center is the latest in a series of initiatives to amplify Rowad’s impact and boost its standing as a social movement for financial empowerment.

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