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SEDCO Holding Group Appoints Two New Board Members

31 MAY 2018, Press releases

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In line with the international best practices of Corporate Governance regulations adopted by SEDCO Holding Group, two new members appointed to the Board of Directors, as of May 2018: Mr. Yaser Saleh Bin Mahfouz and Mr. Simon Palethorpe, completing its eight-members’ Board.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of SEDCO Holding Group, Sheikh Saleh Bin Mahfouz, extended his sincere welcome to the new members. “The confidence placed by the Board in the two new members’ expertise highlights the strengthening of governance controls through a knowledgeable Board of Directors, whose members are experienced in various business sectors, thus ensuring the Group’s leadership through bringing international expertise and knowledge to the local scene, as well as adding value to the businesses and activities managed by the Group across various economic sectors and investment portfolios to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030”, said Bin Mahfouz.
“The appointment of Yaser Bin Mahfouz and Simon Palethorpe as the newest members of the Board is a well-informed decision, considering their immense regional and global knowledge and experience. They will make a valuable addition to the Group’s diverse business and investment activities, effectively contributing to the implementation of the Saudi Vision 2030”, said Hasan Al Jabri, CEO of SEDCO Holding Group, while welcoming the two new members.

Yaser Bin Mahfouz has over 15 years of global investment experience, acquired by working with numerous reputable international investment companies. He has also held several senior positions within SEDCO Holding Group.

Simon Palethorpe has over 27 years of experience in management consulting, supply chain and marketing of brands and business to business service and retail sectors. Simon has gained valuable experience through his work at many international companies, including ATG, Terra Firma Capital, and Avis Europe.

By leveraging international expertise and adopting best practices in business, SEDCO Holding Group aims to achieve the national interests and objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

About SEDCO Holding Group:
SEDCO, the Saudi Economic and Development Company, is a leading private wealth management organization that conducts its business according to Islamic guidelines widely known as Shari’ah. SEDCO was established in 1976. It manages a wide and diversified spectrum of real estate investments, investments in equities, and other businesses in Saudi Arabia and around the world. It is located in the Red Sea Mall building, Kind Road, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Its invests companies have over 6,000 employees. SEDCO Holding Group mainly operates through three lines of businesses: direct investment, real estate investments, and financial investments. Direct investments are in multiple sectors/industries and serve different clients from F&B, to pharmaceutical, auto leasing, real estate, and hospitality. The delivery mechanism varies depending on the target audience of each business and sector.
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  • تتمنى لكم سدكو القابضة عيد أضحى مبارك، أعاده الله علينا جميعاً بالخير والبركات.

وكل عام وانتم بخير

SEDCO Holding wishes you a happy and blessed Adha.
  • We at SEDCO Holding are proud of our collaboration with @businessgrowth0 to hold consulting sessions for entrepreneurs.
#SEDCO #SEDCOHolding #proud
  • “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” - George R. R. Martin
Meet Rafat Galal, the man who lived the stories of a thousand lives.
We are #passionate, we are the #PeopleOfSEDCO @rafatgalal
  • أقامت سدكو القابضة ثاني جلسة من سلسلة البوت كامب مع المدرب ريان الغلايني، كجزء من برنامج #انبض ‏SEDCO Holding held its second Boot Camp session with the professional trainer Mr. Rayan Al-Ghalayini, as part of #Unbod Program.

 #سدكو #سدكو_القابضة
  • برنامج #انبض يهتم بصحة الموظف البدنية والعقلية، فأقامت سدكو القابضة أول جلسة من سلسلة غذي عقلك مع المستشار تركي خان شريك مؤسس في كُن. ‏The #Unbod Program encourages maintaining good mental health as it does physical health, therefore SEDCO Holding held its first Food for Thought session with the consultant Mr. Turki Khan co-founder of @konarabia @turkikhan1 
 #سدكو #سدكو_القابضة
  • كجزء من برنامج #انبض والذي يعزز الاهتمام بالصحة مما يؤثر إيجابياً على إنتاجية الموظفين، أقامت سدكو القابضة أول جلسة من سلسلة البوت كامب مع المدرب ريان الغلايني مؤسس ومالك نادي ار جي فِت. ‏As part of #Unbod Program, which encourages maintaining good health to improve productivity, SEDCO Holding held its first Boot Camp session with the professional trainer Mr. Rayan Al-Ghalayini founder and owner of #RGFIT.

 #سدكو #سدكو_القابضة
  • أقامت سدكو القابضة جلسة جديدة من سلسلة #تطلعات_الربع وتم طرح إنجازات الربع الثاني وخطط الربع الثالث لعام 2019 وكيفية تطويرها لفتح أفاق جديدة لسدكو.

SEDCO Holding held a new #Quarterly_Outlook session where the 2019 Q2 achievements and Q3 plans were shared.

 #سدكو #سدكو_القابضة
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ضمن برنامج ‪غدوة وندوة والذي يهدف لنشر سلاسل توعوية مختلفة لتنمية ثقافة أفراد المجموعة، أقامت سدكو القابضة ندوة بعنوان قوة العزيمة لموظفيها كان ضيفها الأستاذ سفر الحقباني أخصائي برامج الغرفة التجارية بجدة لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة 
As part of the "Lunch & Learn” program which aims to raise awareness and knowledge on different aspects for all individuals in our group, SEDCO Holding held a session for its employees on Will Power presented by Mr. Safar Al-Hagbani, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce’s Specialist Programs Leader for People with special needs.

#SEDCO #SEDCOHolding #LunchAndLearn
#سدكو #سدكو_القابضة
  • كجزء من برنامج #انبض والذي يعزز الإهتمام بالصحة والتي تؤثر إيجابياً على إنتاجية الموظفين، استكملنا في مجموعة سدكو القابضة تطبيق فكرة يوم الدرج والذي سيقام كل أحد.
‏As part of #Unbod Program, Stairs Day is scheduled every Sunday as maintaining good health improves productivity.
#سدكو #سدكو_القابضة
  • شكراً لكل موظفينا، بجهودكم تعد سدكو القابضة مكانًا رائعًا للعمل لعام 2019.
Thank you to all of our employees, because of your efforts SEDCO Holding is a certified Great Place to Work for 2019.

#سدكو #سدكو_القابضة
  • ‎الأب سند وقوة وأمان لكل أسرة، تعب وتحمل وربى. ما تكفيه كل كلمات الشكر. شاركونا التهاني في #يوم_الأب_العالمي بتعليقاتكم

  • ‎لقطات من افطار العيد لسدكو القابضة لعام ١٤٤٠
Glimpses of SEDCO Holding Eid Iftar for the year 2019
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