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Under The Theme of “Keys of Giving” SEDCO’s Journey of Giving Targets Community Needs and New Volunteer Opportunities

01 Jun 2023

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SEDCO continued its Journey of Giving tradition in the Ramadan of 2023 with tailored campaigns designed to offer succor and help to those in need while maintaining dignity.


This year’s theme was “Keys of Giving”, which includes a series of group initiatives and individual challenges distributed throughout the holy month of Ramadan. 2023’s campaign was visualized as eight doors of giving, with each targeting specific community needs.


The initiatives included delivering food to families in need, providing iftar meals for fasting families, offering counseling services at mosques or neighborhood centers, expanding the spirit of compassion with a focus on stray cats and abandoned pets, cooking iftar meals for families in need, distributing Miswaks, and accompanying orphans to buy Eid clothes.


321 participants participated in these activities, helping SEDCO open its doors to the community. The Legal department participated the most, followed by Finance and Operations.


The campaign saw 120+ food baskets offered to those in need, and touched over 304 people. Over 300 clothes sets and toys were disbursed as SEDCO teams notched up over 1,288 volunteering hours.


While SAR 75,000 was generated in economic value. the most important metric was the wholehearted participation of SEDCO teams in looking after the community and helping those in need.


SEDCO’s Journey of Giving is a tradition that offers employees a chance to better understand and contribute to our surrounding communities while exercising empathy, and we are delighted at the response this year.

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