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SEDCO Broadens Out Ramadan Health Challenge

27 Apr 2022

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SEDCO Holding has broadened out its Ramadan Health Challenge to include more ways that employees can meet their fitness goals.


Traditionally, health challenges have focused on weight loss as an objective, with progress measured on the weighing scale. However, this isn’t the most inclusive way of measuring fitness because underlying health or medical conditions can make losing weight difficult. Meanwhile, gym enthusiasts wouldn’t want to drop weight because that would also mean losing muscle mass and eroding hard-earned gains.


This year’s challenge will be more inclusive by offering multiple ways for employees to participate. Now, employees can earn points by attending workout classes, or fulfilling a step count goal. The SEDCO team has partnered with local gym RG Fit to offer classes to both male and female employees.


The traditional route of earning points by losing kilograms of fat is also still available. Participating employees have received a smart scale that analyzes their body composition, including the percentage of fat.


The top three performers in the Ramadan Challenge will be announced at the end of the holy month.

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