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SEDCO Recycling Program Chalks Up its Highest Numbers to Date

28 Feb 2021

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Over 2 tons of recycled material removes 8.3 tons of carbon dioxide and saves 47.84 cubic meters of landfill space


Sustainability is a core value at SEDCO Holding, and a commitment to the environment is a crucial element of that. SEDCO Holding has been reducing its environmental footprint and fighting waste through a recycling program, now in its 6th year.


In 2020, the SEDCO Holding recycling program registered its highest numbers since its launch in 2017. Over two tons of material, or 2080 kg to be precise, was recycled during the year — a 28.5% increase from the year before. The rise came despite COVID-19 challenges that saw months where recycling could not be picked up due to lockdown and work-from-home measures.


The rise in material recovery came about thanks to improvements in facility management process, and educating employees on the importance of recycling. The carbon footprint reduction was the equivalent of planting 35 trees, and removing 8.3 tons of carbon dioxide from the air. The recovered waste also saved approximately 47.84 cubic meters of landfill space.


One of the main aims of SEDCO Holding’s workplace recycling program is to eventually reduce overall waste consumption to near zero by creating a workplace that is more environmentally conscious. The program also converges with five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which is in line with Saudi Vision 2030’s call towards achieving environmental sustainability.

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