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SEDCO Hosts Career Day With YUSR As Part Of Badir Program

02 Oct 2022

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SEDCO hosted a career day with YUSR on 20th September 2022, where SEDCO employees donated their time under SEDCO’s Badir Program of volunteering. SEDCO Holding’s Chief Operating Officer Mohammed Mosly also attended the event, showcasing the spirit of volunteering, knowledge-sharing and giving back to the community that permeates to the highest levels of SEDCO leadership.


The event saw SEDCO employees share knowledge with a new generation of high school students from grades ten to twelve. They shared career advice, work experience and their educational background to help young people take the first steps in their professional journeys. It included open discussions and dialogue, where students were encouraged to ask questions and discuss their choice of profession and career progression.


Education remains a priority for SEDCO Holding, and the organization is looking to further its investments in the sector.

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