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SEDCO’s Journey of Giving 2022 On Track During The Holy Month of Ramadan

27 Apr 2022

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SEDCO Holding Group’s annual Journey of Giving campaign has returned during, continuing the tradition of SEDCO teams activity volunteering, engaging in charity, and celebrating the joy of giving during the holy month.


This year, the Journey of Giving has been visualized as a train trip, with multiple stations representing volunteering and charitable activities along the way.


Examples of train stations, or milestones, along the Journey include packing and delivering grocery boxes to deserving families, distributing bakhoor bags to neighborhood mosques, collecting clothes and toys from SEDCO’s donation corner and distributing them to deserving families, joining in a homemade iftar, preparing workshop spaces for a charity organization, and more. The final stop is the Eid is Joy initiative, where SEDCO volunteers accompany deserving children to buy new clothes in preparation for the Eid celebration.



As always, SEDCO’s Journey of Giving wants to make a tangible impact towards helping those in need, and giving back to local communities. Apart from celebrating the spirit of giving, the Journey also brings SEDCO team members together, building lasting bonds of camaraderie.

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