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“Rowad Nomou” Presents Workshop on Financing Solutions for SMEs at Finance Week

02 Jun 2024

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As part of the initiatives undertaken during Finance Week, the Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha’at) organized a workshop on financing solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on Sunday, May 19, 2024. The workshop was led by Mr. Fawaz Khayyat, ambassador of the Rowad Program. During the seminar, he emphasized the importance of financial knowledge, which is essential for founders of innovative and technical startups to grow their businesses.

The workshop discussed solutions and financing options for projects that support SMEs’ creditworthiness. It also reviewed the necessary tools enabling entrepreneurs to overcome challenges in obtaining funds to drive the growth of projects and emerging companies.

During the workshop, Mr. Khayyat, the “Rowad” ambassador, also provided an introductory overview of the “Rowad Nomou” program and its role in providing basic knowledge on financial management, financial resources, accounting, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, and cash flows.

He also referred to Islamic banking services, taking advantage of the types of financing available, the investment preparation process, business and financial models, evaluation processes, due diligence, and investment closing.

It is worth noting that Finance Week hosts a group of the most prominent financial experts in the small and medium enterprises sector. Through this, it aims to raise the level of knowledge and develop the capabilities of SMEs by introducing various financing solutions and the basic requirements for obtaining them.

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