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SEDCO Holding’s “Volunteer Your Skill” wins Gulf Sustainability and CSR Award as Best Employee Volunteering Program

16 Mar 2018

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SEDCO Holding’s “Volunteer Your Skill”, a program under which the Group employees donate some of their time to worthy causes and pro-bono work, was named Best Sustainability Program of the Year by the prestigious Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards 2018. Amr Banaja, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Responsibility at SEDCO Holding, received the award at a ceremony organized by “Emirates Awards International” in collaboration with the International Humanitarian City (IHC) and Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence in Dubai on 20th February. The award is a testimony to SEDCO Holding’s commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

SEDCO Holding Group promotes the culture of volunteering and charity work through various initiatives, encouraging its staff to engage in voluntary activities and serve as role models for the entire community. Its flagship Volunteer Your Skill internal program helped develop staff’s volunteering skills and their passion to transfer knowledge and expertise to various sectors, such as non-profit organizations, SME’s, and entrepreneurs.

Commenting on the award, Banaja said: “Commitment to voluntary work is vital on our agenda as we seek to achieve sustainability and serve the community. This award recognizes our efforts in this regard. Under our CSR initiatives, employees across our companies contribute at least 20 hours of their time for voluntary work. In 2017, our employees were engaged in over 50 volunteering opportunities, recording more than 2000 hours of voluntary work.”
Such initiatives promoted the philosophy of public and specialized voluntary work among staff and consolidated the sense of responsibility toward the community and the importance of serving others, Banaja said.

Realizing that volunteering helps create the right work-life balance and renders great services to the community, SEDCO champions this cause in its corporate culture, continuously urging its employees to donate free time to the community. The Group created various relevant employee programs and CSR initiatives that helped enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty and increase productivity.

Gulf Sustainability and CSR Award

It is worth mentioning that Nahdi Medical Company, one of SEDCO Holding Group companies and the largest pharmacy chain in MENA region, won a Gulf Sustainability and CSR Award for the best program to develop the local community.

The Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards honor private and public establishments that implement international standards and best practices in CSR and sustainability and thus serve as a model for others in various sectors. The awards cover 22 categories in the areas of environment and society, recognizing individual and group efforts and outstanding initiatives on sustainability and corporate responsibility, that are assessed by a jury comprised of experts in these fields.

About SEDCO Holding:
SEDCO, the Saudi Economic and Development Company, is a leading private wealth management organization that conducts its business according to Islamic guidelines widely known as Shari’ah. SEDCO was established in 1976. It manages a wide and diversified spectrum of real estate investments, investments in equities, and other businesses in Saudi Arabia and around the world. It is located in the Red Sea Mall building, Kind Road, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Its investees companies have over 6,000 employees. SEDCO Holding Group mainly operates through three lines of businesses: direct investment, real estate investments, and financial investments. Direct investments are in multiple sectors/industries and serve different clients from F&B, to pharmaceutical, auto leasing, real estate, and hospitality. The delivery mechanism varies depending on the target audience of each business and sector.
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