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SEDCO Holding Signs MoU with The National eLearning Center to Amplify Rowad Impact

SEDCO Holding’s Rowad, the financial management literacy program for entrepreneurs, has signed an MoU with the National eLearning Center to make its content available to the National Program for Open Educational Content.   Rowad is SEDCO..

June 1, 2023, News

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SEDCO Holding and Andalus Education Company Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

SEDCO Holding has signed a partnership agreement with Andalus Education Company, through which Yusr International School (fully owned by SEDCO Holding) will be integrated into the Andalus Education network. As a result, SEDCO Holding becomes a stakeh..

June 1, 2023, News

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SEDCO Holding Elevates Corporate Governance with Board-Level Shariah Advisory Committee

SEDCO Holding has taken another step in enhancing its corporate governance and ethical investment practices by establishing a Shariah Advisory Committee at the Board of Directors level. This Committee will provide valuable assistance to the Board as ..

March 6, 2023, News

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SEDCO Leadership and Teams Mark Founding Day with Pride

SEDCO Holding recently celebrated Founding Day with a vibrant gathering at its headquarters.   As a pioneering Saudi company, SEDCO Holding is proud of its roots and deep association with the nation. With its new LEAP five-year strategy, SEDCO i..

March 1, 2023, News

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Badir Exceeds Targets by 162% as SEDCO Wins National Award for Volunteering in 2022

Badir, SEDCO Holding’s volunteering program, which sees team members offer their time to charitable causes and community outreach activities, went from strength to strength in 2022. Collectively, SEDCO employees notched up 2,190 volunteer hours, ex..

February 1, 2023, News

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