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SEDCO Holding Recognized By Ministry Of Finance For Its Financial Literacy Efforts

30 Sep 2021

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SEDCO Holding has been recognized and lauded by the nation’s Financial Sector Development Program, part of the Ministry of Finance for its financial literacy program Riyali.


In an official ceremony held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance in Riyadh, the Director General of the Financial Sector Development Program Office Mr Faisal Al-Sharif, presented a formal award to SEDCO Member of the Board Mr. Yasser Saleh bin Mahfouz.


The award acknowledged SEDCO Holding efforts in enhancing financial literacy among the youth of Saudi Arabia, and is testament to the tangible impact Riyali is making.


“SEDCO, its executive team, Board members, and staff are proud of the Riyali program, which has since 2012 been working tireless to enhance financial literacy across the nation, targeting students, entrepreneurs and other demographics that can gain from a better understanding of their finances. Riyali has long sought to empower young people, enabling them to work towards a financially secure future and allowing them the freedom to participate gainfully in Saudi Arabia’s sustainable economic development and social cohesion,” said SEDCO Holding CEO Hasan AlJabri on the occasion.


“I congratulate Riyali on its achievements, and I look forward to Riyali continuing to surpass previous benchmarks and cross new milestones in its drive to financially empower the nation’s youth,” AlJabri added.


Riyali is aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030, supporting the Vision’s goals of raising the percentage of household savings from 6% to 11% across the nation while increasing the contribution of productive families to the national economy. The program also works towards the Financial Sector Development Program’s objectives of increasing financial inclusion, empowerment and awareness.


Riyali Financial literacy program is one of the most important programs launched by SEDCO Holding as part of its social initiatives. The program aims to enhance financial literacy among various segments of society, develop their skills and provide them with the knowledge that enables them to face their financial responsibilities for a better life. Riyali program is certified by the Ministry of Education for schools and universities, and has many strategic agreements, most notably with the Ministry of Education and the Saudi British Bank (SABB). The program has reached more than 1.7 million beneficiaries so far.

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