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The National Centre CSR and Riyali Financial Literacy Program Launch the 30 * 30 Initiative: “Your Savings Are Safe During Ramadan”

May 3, 2021, Holding

2021 Riyali SEDCO Holding
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The National Center CSR, in partnership with SEDCO holding – represented by the Riyali Financial Literacy Program, launched the initiative, “30 * 30: Your Savings are Safe during Ramadan – from extravagancy to frugality”, a financial literacy and awareness program that will run during each and every day of the holy month of Ramadan. The program features a daily interactive event lasting for 30 minutes during which a select elite of the top trainers in the field will deliver a live talk on several platforms such as Youtube and Zoom.


The program will host a group of saving and investment experts who will discuss a myriad of subjects pertaining to financial management, and its main goal is to spread financial literacy and encourage individuals to save money and adopt constructive financial practices during this Holy month. The purpose of the initiative is to help community members manage their budgets and finances constructively, and to show them how to optimally save and invest their money for the short and the long term.


The initiative was launched on April 13 and it is set to last until the end of Ramadan. The program will conduct a total of 30 live sessions with trainers and experts of which 10 meetings will tackle the subject of budgeting, 10 meetings will discuss savings and 10 will handle the subject of investment. The program will also include 4 podcasts. The total number of program participants is expected to reach 100,000, and they will each receive an official participation certificate at the end.


The initiative aims to identify the most important saving programs and explain how to optimally use them. It also encourages participants to delve into the world of financial investment and development and to refrain from counterproductive practices such as overspending and wasting money. Through this program supported by SEDCO Holding, the National Centre CSR aims to spread financial literacy and bring individuals to adopt constructive financial practices all year round, with an extra emphasis during the Holy month of Ramadan, during which it is all the more crucial to refrain ostentation and extravagancy. The initiative further aims to highlight the efforts made by the Saudi government to support these practices that align with Saudi Vision 2030’s goal to raise the national saving rate from 6% to 10%.


This initiative is supported by SEDCO Holding through its Riyali: Financial Literacy program, which aims to become a key investor in social programs and to offer and participate in effective and innovative initiative that can promote national development and enhance the sense of social unity.


It is worth noting that the Riyali Financial Literacy program is one of the most important programs launched by SEDCO holding towards its social support goals. The program aims to increase financial literacy, develop individual skills, share financially constructive knowledge, promote financial planning and budgeting, encourage saving and investment, demonstrate the proper usage of financial loans, and provide community members with knowledge of optimal financial practices.


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