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Showrooms for Renowned Local and International Brands Open in Al Mahmal Center

December 27, 2020, Retail

2020 Al Mahmal Development
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This year, new showrooms for famous local and international brands have opened in Al Mahmal Center, including:

–           Beverly Hills Polo Club

–           Arabian Oud

–           Oud Milano

–           A mall food court area


Established in 1978, Al Mahmal Center is one of the most prominent landmarks in Jeddah due to its exceptional location at the heart of the historic district. It comprises three rectangular and square-shaped blocks connected through elevated pathways above the road. The mixed-use center features a 20-story office tower connected to a seven-story commercial building through an elevated pedestrian walkway.


The center’s design provides facilities that serve both customers and shops, the most prominent of which are the center’s mosque and the parking garage directly connected to the center through elegant corridors. It also includes a fountain surrounded by a group of escalators around a skylight-topped square.

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