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SEDCO Holding’s New Business Strategy Emphasizes Important Role of Private Sector and Family Businesses in Driving Economic Growth

December 27, 2020, Holding

2020 SEDCO Holding
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Strategy focuses on key sectors of focus in Vision 2030 including healthcare, education, hospitality, asset management, and real estate


SEDCO Holding, the leader in ethical and sustainable investments, revealed its new business and brand strategy during a virtual meeting held on 4 October 2020 in the attendance of the company’s chairman, board members, employees and shareholders.


The new strategy lays out a clear vision and roadmap for SEDCO to fortify its competitive position in the sectors in which it operates. The company will drive direct investments to key sectors of focus in Vision 2030, including healthcare, education, hospitality, asset management, and real estate. Investments in these sectors will be long-term, with the potential for growth and integration. The strategy calls for focus on fewer direct investments at a higher value in companies that are leaders in their field.


The launch of the new business strategy comes in line with the framework of enhancing the private sector’s significant role in driving the growth of the Saudi economy building on the tremendous support it receives from the government. Family businesses are a key player in this system; representing 63% of the total private sector establishments in the Kingdom and a 32% contribution to the GDP, in addition to investing SAR 810 billion in the Saudi economy and representing 66% of the private sector’s contribution to the Kingdom’s GDP.


Despite the severe impact of the coronavirus pandemic, new investment opportunities that hold promising prospects have emerged, especially in areas related to food and drug security, e-commerce, and distance learning and training. As a leader in several economic and investment sectors in the Kingdom, SEDCO took the necessary measures to alleviate the impact of the pandemic and, through its vision, has sought to maintain its leading position by activating a variety of economic programs, activities, and direct investments in vital sectors, such as healthcare and education, which are in line with the programs of Vision 2030.


The new brand focuses on continuing to develop our efficiency and performance through advanced and comprehensive methods while inspiring creativity and innovation among our employees. It also includes a new vision through which SEDCO seeks to become a pioneering institution that contributes to achieving prosperity for generations to come and allows for more job opportunities by creating innovative business areas and increasing the percentage of nationalization in different jobs.



SEDCO is proud of its leadership in innovating a unique investment approach that combines ethics and responsibility while ensuring that all investments are Sharia compliant. As a responsible investor, SEDCO avoids excessive financial exploitation in its investments by focusing on the highest environmental, social, and regulatory standards.


SEDCO Holding thrives on a diverse team of world-class experts in investment and asset management from the Kingdom and the world’s leading financial centers. It is committed to applying the highest internationally recognized governance standards and has extensive knowledge of the sectors in which it operates. The company is also keen on enabling its employees to fully realize their potential whilst in a lively, cooperative, and result-driven working environment. It is worth highlighting that SEDCO Holding was certified as a ‘Great Place to Work in the Kingdom and Asia’ in May 2019 by Great Place to Work, the leading global people analytics and consulting firm.

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