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SEDCO Holding Named Among Top Ten Companies to Work for in Saudi Arabia for 2020

December 28, 2020, Holding

2020 SEDCO Holding
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SEDCO Holding has been ranked 10th in the coveted list of ‘Top Companies to Work for in Saudi Arabia’ compiled by Great Place to Work, a global research, training, and consultancy firm. The ranking of the Kingdom’s private sector companies for 2020 recognizes high-trust, high-performing workplace cultures, and follows a survey and a rigorous audit of each participating firm.


The classification of SEDCO Holding in the annual list for the sixth year in a row comes as the result of continuous and collective efforts made in full coordination between the higher management and the various departments and sections of the company, with the aim of nurturing a thriving employee-driven organizational culture and achieving the highest levels of a quality working environment.


 The provision of an enabling work environment that helps all employees to grow and continuously develop their performance is one of the key considerations of the ranking. SEDCO Holding’s keen focus on adopting the best standards and practices standards in talent management and development has helped find a spot on the Great Place to Work’s list every year since 2015.


As part of its survey, Great Place to Work derived data from employees’ answers to a questionnaire defining the best working environments. The questionnaire covered several aspects of the working environment, including the workplace; the relationship of management with employees; human values such as equality, credibility and respect; integrity; communication; skills; and pride in the workplace.


SEDCO Holding is considered to be a leader in adopting initiatives aimed at promoting a dynamic and competitive working environment capable of attracting and maintaining highly qualified employees. The company always strives to reinforce its status as an organization that works in compliance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and corporate governance across a diversified sector of investments and companies.


Hasan Al Jabri, CEO of SEDCO Holding, expressed his happiness and pleasure by saying: “Achieving this high ranking confirms our preeminent position among national companies that attach special importance to human capital development in line with the Kingdom’s vision and goals to develop and empower employees to build a prosperous future. This accomplishment is also a testimony to our success in establishing our company as an employer of choice and one of the most attractive places to work in the country.”


In light of the current situation resulting from the spread of COVID-19, which is affecting all aspect of modern life all over the world, Al Jabri lauded the Kingdom’s wise leadership for its keenness and readiness in responding to the pandemic, which is embodied in the government’s efforts to mitigate the social and economic impact of the crisis.


Commenting on SEDCO Holding’s collaboration to combat the pandemic, Al Jabri said: “In such times, our institutional culture, team spirit and transparency that we have worked to embrace and enhance have become our most valuable assets. Our strength lies in our unity, our culture and our supportive working environment that enabled us to feature in the top ten rankings on Great Place to Work’s list for the current year. I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to all our employees for their efforts and dedication in these difficult circumstances, and I sincerely hope that together we will overcome these soon.”


SEDCO Holding has immediately closed its offices in line with the instructions of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and in order to ensure the safety of its employees, the company has started working remotely and business meetings are being conducted virtually.


Great Place to Work® is a worldwide leader in building, supporting and appreciating reliable, high performing work environments in companies that dedicate their efforts to building motivational cultures for their employees. These workplaces are characterized by high levels of trust, pride and strong relationships that put employees first and are committed to providing a strong and innovative culture that allows them to retain their employees and provide them with comfort and well-being. The institute sets its standards based on the experiences of distinguished leaders, surveys of millions of employees, and studying thousands of the best workplaces around the world.

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