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SEDCO Holding inaugurates female-only “AlJalsa” lounge at Jeddah headquarters

January 28, 2021, Holding

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SEDCO has inaugurated an all-female workplace lounge “AlJalsa” at its Jeddah headquarters as it steps up efforts to become an employer of choice for females across all organizational levels. The launch was attended by women employees from the Group’s operating companies and head office.


Designed in collaboration with its female employees, SEDCO Holding’s AlJalsa lounge is meant as an interactive social space and sanctuary in the midst of the working day.


Apart from standard amenities such as a prayer area, television, modern seating, dining table and en-suite washroom, the lounge also hosts creative and wellness elements.


A mindfulness wall encourages employees to take a break with short and simple meditation exercises during the day. A memory wall encourages team members to stick polaroids of key occurrences every day, creating a pictorial timeline for the year. A brainstorming wall, meanwhile, offers easily wipeable space for collaboration, discussion and note-taking.


AlJalsa is part of a multi-faceted push by SEDCO to create a better work environment for employees, while particularly pushing to employ more women. SEDCO has recently crossed 10% female representation in its workforce, and is looking to further boost that number.


“AlJalsa is part of our commitment towards diversity in hiring, and making women an integral part of our workforce. Not only do we want to increase the proportion of women across all our teams, but we also want to see a new wave of women in leadership positions. In particular, we want to give female leaders the confidence that SEDCO is an exceptional place to work, and the right fit for them,” said Amro Kandil, Head of Human Resources, SEDCO Holding.


AlJalsa will also serve as events space, with a schedule of female-only events in the pipeline for 2021 and beyond.

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