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SEDCO Holding Gives Back With Journey of Giving

July 1, 2021,

2021 SEDCO Holding
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SEDCO Holding annual Journey of Giving campaign during Ramadan returned in 2021 with renewed vigor and focus as SEDCO teams actively shared in the joys of giving and volunteering during the holy month.


For 2021, the Journey of Giving was split into four themes  — Eid, Environment, Family and Health —with each theme offering group initiatives as well as individual challenges.


Employees were asked to participate in as many initiatives as they felt convenient, with volunteering open to employees and their family members. Tasks were designed to require varying levels of effort, so that team members could choose the ones that were the best fit.


Volunteer teams engaged in 16 different activities while adhering to social distancing protocols. Protective measures were in place for all tasks, along with COVID-19 precautions. Equipment and other supplies were also provided for tasks requiring them. 


“The Journey of Giving is becoming an annual tradition at SEDCO Holding, helping us mark the values of SEDCO Holding and its founder Sheikh Salem bin Mahfouz – may God rest his soul- through strong belief to provide a respectful life and the development of the community in different regions of the Kingdom. I am pleased to see the participation and teamwork that marked the campaign this year, and thank those team members who willingly shared their time and resources to assist those in need, or undertook projects that helped the community,” said Abdulrahman AlTurjuman, VP – Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility, SEDCO Holding.


For Health week, SEDCO employees could choose to donate blood, share iftar with neighbors or family members, or encourage 3 people to join them in walking 10,000 steps a day in the interests of health and well-being. A SEDCO group initiative was also organized to prepare and distribute baskets of food supplies to families in need.


During Family Week, employees could choose between collecting charity and depositing the funds in a Riyali Money Safe, teaching children about the value of fasting and prayer during Ramadan, explaining the importance of family bonds to children, or visiting a relative. A group initiative saw SEDCO teams meet in AlKandara District to assemble furniture for classrooms.


For Environment Week, SEDCO teams donated discarded electronic devices and used clothes to Tadweer Social Enterprise, gifted caps to neighborhood workers to shield them from the summer sun, or took a step towards improving their neighborhoods by reaching out to the Municipality through the Baladi 940 app. A group initiative saw SEDCO teams set out to repaint city walls marred by graffiti.


During Eid Week, employees donated children’s toys and clothes to AlOula to mark the special occasion, and helped workers in the neighborhood connect with families back home by offering prepaid phone cards.   


Collectively, the 16 themed challenges part of the Journey of Giving saw 60+ SEDCO employees actively engage, resulting in over 157 separate instances of participation. SEDCO teams tallied 899 hours of volunteering, generating SAR 91,898 in economic value. Journey of Giving 2021 saw over 80 food baskets donated, with 600 plus Eid clothing articles, and more than a hundred toys for children. Over 1,700 recipients directly benefitted through the campaign.


“In 2021, the Journey of Giving campaign made a discernable impact towards helping those in need and giving back to our communities. It also brought SEDCO team members together and helped strengthen our organizational culture. I look forward to our teams engaging in other such ventures that combine teamwork with making a positive difference, and congratulate everyone who was part of this campaign for 2021,” Abdulrahman AlTurjuman, concluded.


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