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Riyali Launches Podcast to Bring Financial Awareness to Wider Audiences

April 1, 2021, Holding

2021 Riyali SEDCO Holding
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The first of its kind among Arabic podcasts featuring topical discussions on saving, budgeting and weathering financial crises


Riyali, SEDCO’s leading financial literacy program has launched a new podcast to aiming to expand financial literacy among various segments in society. Titled “Financial Literacy with Riyali”, the podcast series is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts among other platforms. (Podcast Link:


“Financial Literacy with Riyali” is the Middle East’s first financial literacy-related Arabic podcast available for free. It helps different segments of society learn how to save, invest, budget and be financially responsible. It improves the community’s financial literacy in an easy-to-access format, supports the Saudi Vision 2030’s aim of inculcating the knowledge and financials habits to develop resilient and independent characters.


The podcast helps Riyali’s audiences benefit from up-to-date ideas and analyses in an evolving world, and is ideal for anyone wanting to acquire financial skills.


Riyali Financial Literacy Program is one of the most important CSR programs launched by SEDCO Holding. The program aims to promote financial literacy among different segments of society to develop their skills and equip them with the knowledge to carry out their financial responsibilities effectively. The program is accredited by the Ministry of Education in schools and universities and has several strategic agreements, most prominently with the Ministry of Education and the Saudi British Bank (SABB). Riyali has successfully reached more than 1.5 million beneficiaries.


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