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Red Sea Mall launches the Winter Festival & surprises its visitors with a new snowy experience

January 28, 2021, Retail

2021 Red Sea Markets
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Al Rayan Gaddouri: “Red Sea Mall has been designated as the best destination by visitors due to its joyful, constant offerings and experiences”


The Red Sea Mall is preparing to launch the Winter Festival with a distinctive look that reflects the esthetics of this season and its bright snow. The Red Sea Mall will be launching the Winter Festival during the period from January 18th to March 3rd, 2021 at the fountain area on ​​the lower ground floor and transform the area into a typical snow village, full of trees, animals and wooden country huts covered with snow, along with a space for children to enjoy snow games. The festival will also include coffee shops, chocolate, waffles and donuts outlets through specialized booths in the form of train cabins, as well as wooden seats surrounded by snow decorations in a stunning lighting.


The Red Sea Mall Winter Festival is part of the mall’s marketing strategy, which aims to achieve a unique and comprehensive experience in Jeddah. The mall is a leading destination not only for shopping, but a space that allows all society segments to enjoy, entertain all days of the year. And it has become one of the favorite destinations for visitors all over the city of Jeddah.


Eng. Al Rayan Gaddouri, General Manager of Red Sea Mall, said: “Red Sea Mall is one of the favorite destinations for the residents and visitors in Jeddah and other cities, as it hosts a large number of brands and stores as well as food and beverage outlets. It is an integrated destination for shopping and entertainment. The Winter Festival at Red Sea Mall is within the framework of our strategy and vision aiming to provide innovative experiences and distinctive events suitable for all family members and make the mall a place for families and friends to meet and spend the most enjoyable times and to perpetuate the most beautiful memories. This event also aims to offer new shoppers and visitors an extraordinary experience. ”


Abdulraouf Al-Hafez, Senior Marketing Manager at Red Sea Mall, said: “Through the Red Sea Mall Winter Festival, we will offer visitors several programs, including a special program for children, by providing a special yard that allows them to enjoy a range of snow games and take them to the world of snow forests, where they can build snowmen, along with animal figures, snow dunes, snow caves and other characters loved by children. We will also offer families the opportunity to take a tour in the snow village as well as capture beautiful pictures inside the snow huts.”


The Red Sea Mall continues to surprise all its visitors with this new activity of the Snow Village by presenting special gifts to children and families and giving them the opportunity to enter a raffle draw and for a possibility to win a new luxury family car as a grand prize at the conclusion of the event.

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