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Red Sea Mall First to Provide Electric Car Charging Service for Visitors

April 1, 2021, Retail

2021 Red Sea Markets
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Charging stations reflect commitment to kingdom’s Vision 2030 on sustainable development


In line with Saudi Vision 2030 toward sustainable development, the Red Sea Mall (RSM) has installed electric car charging stations to serve shoppers and visitors. The mall is one of the first commercial malls in the kingdom to provide this service. The first-of-their-kind charging stations were prepared and installed in cooperation with Schneider Electric, the world’s leading energy solutions provider.


The new service is part of RSM’s strategy to support and contribute to Saudi Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development goals. With the private sector now focusing in its strategic planning on investments that help fulfill Vision 2030, the RSM is providing its visitors with state-of-the-art technologies and services while promoting the diversification of the Kingdom’s economy through investment in smart and sustainable solutions and support for green economy.


Four parking spaces in the mall were designated as charging stations, allowing for charging four vehicles at the same time. Using the most modern technology and conforming to the highest international standards, the stations can be used to charge every brand and model of electric vehicles.


The RSM also offers a VIP service for electric car owners in the kingdom, which includes a free-of-charge valet, free charging, and free parking. The RSM will communicate with all car agencies in the kingdom so they can inform their clients of the new service at the mall.


RSM General Manager Engineer Al Rayan Gadouri commented: “As the main driver of the future economy, the private sector has a major role to play in creating a business environment conducive to the fulfillment of Saudi Vision 2030. We believe that the private sector, in its strategic planning, should forge local and international business partnerships and invest in new projects that fulfill the ambitions of our government. Based on this, we partnered with energy giant Schneider Electric to ensure that our visitors will have the latest smart and innovative technologies at their service.  We proceed from our commitment to the goals of Vision 2030 and the Saudi leadership’s efforts to create a prosperous national economy. We are also pleased with this collaboration with Schneider Electric.”


For his part, RSM Sr. Marketing Manager Abdulraouf Al Hafiz said: “We in RSM make sure that our guests enjoy complete experience and get the best services. As pioneers in providing modern technological services that advance the long-tern environmental sustainability, we added the electric car charging stations in yet another unique service to our visitors.”


With many international car manufactures launching electric vehicles on the Saudi market, the RSM was keen to lead the way and help visitors and shoppers who own these vehicles by providing the first charging stations in a mall in the kingdom. The project is an advanced step in RSM’s efforts to embrace and roll out environment-friendly solutions that would help achieve sustainable development in Saudi Arabia. The use of electric vehicles will boost the Kingdom’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions by diversifying energy sources for the transport sector and maintaining economic and environmental balance.

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