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Nahdi Pharmacies Adding Beats To Its Guests By Being Accredited As An Official Center To Provide Covid19 Vaccinations

October 3, 2021,

2021 Nahdi
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Nahdi pharmacies have been approved as one of the approved centers to provide Covid 19 vaccine in all regions of the Kingdom, where our guests can book an appointment for vaccination through the “SEHATY” or “Tawaklna“ applications.


53 pharmacies are suited to provide the service with an average capacity of 3000 guests per day, all of them are carefully equipped to ensure complete privacy for our guests, in addition to areas designated to rest after receiving the vaccine. The service is provided by certified pharmacists who have been trained by the Ministry of Health to perform their duty to the fullest.


Nahdi pharmacies follow the usual process to provide the service, starting by welcoming the guests and registering them on the system to match appointments and ensure no health impediments to receiving the vaccine. They are served in complete privacy and then directed to resting places designated to wait after receiving the vaccine to ensure their safety.


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