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Nahdi Medical and Ismail Ali Abudawood Trading Co. donate revenues from the sale of health and medical products to Zmzm Association to support its efforts against Covid-19

December 28, 2020, Healthcare

2020 Nahdi
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Nahdi Medical, the leading Saudi pharmaceutical retailer, has collaborated with Ismail Ali Abudawood Trading Co. in a campaign during which Nahdi guests buying Procter and Gamble (P&G) products will see part of their payments going to charity.


Ismail Ali Abudawood Trading Co. will donate a certain amount from the revenues of Nahdi guest purchases of P&G products to Zmzm Association for Voluntary Health Services to support its efforts to reduce the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the Saudi society.


Furthermore, the company will donate SAR200,000 to support Zmzm Association’s medical operations and health services during these difficult times.


Nahdi official spokesman praised Ismail Ali Abudawood Trading Co’s step and stressed the importance of concerted efforts to fight the coronavirus, mitigate its risks on the society, and support the charity organizations that are currently making huge efforts in this regard. “We at Nahdi work with our partners to support the health system and boost medical services across the kingdom,” the spokesman stressed.


The partnership with Ismail Ali Abudawood Trading Co. in this campaign is one of a series of initiatives that Nahdi Medical has launched since the spread of Covid-19 to protect citizens and residents and contain the contagious disease.

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