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Arabian Farms continues to go from strength-to-strength despite COVID-19 pandemic

December 27, 2020, Agriculture Production

2020 Arabian Farms
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Four decades ago, Jeddah-based corporate houses Sedco Holding and Bugshan Investments joined hands to establish Arabian Farms with a vision to produce fresh, local and safe high-quality table eggs. Today, the venture produces 120 million SAHA table eggs every year, together with 20,000 tonnes of chicken feed and 12,000 tonnes of chicken manure for the agriculture sector.


Over the years, SAHA Eggs’ responsible approach to business has earned a distinct market position as a brand that offers a wide variety of locally produced premium eggs with a consistent taste. Arabian Farms is the first and only producer of pasteurized shell eggs in the GCC, and uses a unique Korean and US-patented technology. Located at Al Lahbab Village in Dubai, its facilities encompass a sprawling one-million square-feet area and are home to more than 600,000 healthy chickens. The company nurtures a German breed of chicken known for its quality and resilience in a series of environmentally-controlled poultry houses.


Led by a team with more than 200 years of cumulative management experience, Arabian Farms’s highly efficient distribution network and outstanding service levels have helped to position it as the preferred supplier for all of the country’s major retail chains. The company uses technologically-advanced automatic weighing, grading, packing and printing machine imported from the Netherlands. It was among the earliest stand-alone poultry companies in the UAE to adopt digitization in its operations, as well as to promote control and transparency as part of its extensive corporate governance initiatives.


Like most businesses around the world, the company has been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, specifically in terms of managing its human resources and supply chain network. However, as eggs form part of the region’s staple diet, the company has fared better than most.


Dr. Suheel Ahmed, CEO – Holding, Arabian Farms Investment LLC, commented “All of the eggs produced in our farms are graded and packed by highly advanced automatic machinery, without ever being touched by human hands. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have also placed sanitization tunnels in our facility for our workers and visitors apart from temperature monitoring and dedicated quarantine facilities. For the rest of the year, our plan is to adapt quickly to the new normal and be agile in making changes as we face them.”


Arabian Farms has recently introduced two new products to its premium range – SAHA Lutein Enriched Eggs and SAHA Organic Eggs – both of which have been well received by consumers. Its future plans include the introduction of liquid eggs and the launch of a new company, Arabian Farms Development, to produce up to 6,000 tonnes of SAHA-branded chicken per year.

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