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SEDCO’s Padel Tournament Unites Employees

26 Jun 2023

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SEDCO recently hosted a Padel Tournament uniting employees from different departments and portfolio companies in a spirited display of teamwork. The tournament, hosted as part of SEDCO’s employee wellness program Unbod, played a pivotal role in promoting well-being and company culture.


Over three days, sixteen teams competed in a showcase of skills, determination and healthy competition. Snacks and refreshments were provided, fostering camaraderie and informal interactions. On the final day, a special celebration was held honoring the winners and the runners up.


The Padel Tournament exemplified SEDCO’s dedication to employee engagement and a strong company culture. It also showcased SEDCO’s adherence to its value of people orientation. Through such initiatives, SEDCO continues to create an environment where teamwork and celebration thrive.


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