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SEDCO Steps It Up For Fitness With Unbod Employee Wellness Program

30 Nov 2023

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SEDCO’s latest fitness initiative encouraged all team members to increase their daily activity through a Steps Challenge that kicked off on October 22nd and ran till November 18th under the Unbod Employee Wellness Program.


The goal, to hit a collective 10 million steps in 30 days, was comprehensively exceeded as SEDCO teams measured out a grand total of 10,891,426 steps. The topmost active steppers were awarded prizes for striding forward.


The step challenge was open to all SEDCO Holding employees as well as SEDCO Capital, Methak, Intimaa and Red Sea Markets. The challenge began with a talk hosted in association with Jeddah Running Community Leader Ahmad Nasser who walked employees through the benefits of getting in extra steps, followed by a group walk from SEDCO HQ to Jeddah’s waterfront and back. 


An increased step count has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen bones and muscles and enhance mental well-being. It is possible to unlock these health benefits through simple lifestyle changes, like parking at a further gate from the office and walking through the mall to get step counts up in air-conditioned comfort.


A WhatsApp group shared weekly tips for easily upping step counts, while a weekly leaderboard displayed progress for an added dose of motivation.


The Step Challenge is one of the latest additions to a year-round circuit of initiatives that SEDCO undertakes to enhance well-being, create healthy habits, and bring employees together under its core value of “people orientation”.



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