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Badir Exceeds Targets by 162% as SEDCO Wins National Award for Volunteering in 2022

01 Feb 2023

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Badir, SEDCO Holding’s volunteering program, which sees team members offer their time to charitable causes and community outreach activities, went from strength to strength in 2022.

Collectively, SEDCO employees notched up 2,190 volunteer hours, exceeding the initial target of 1,350 hours by 162%.

Of the total number of hours volunteered, 629 were dedicated to specialized activities requiring skills and expertise — such as coaching entrepreneurs and small businesses. These hours generated over SAR 283,000 in economic value for SEDCO’s communities.

Meanwhile, 1,561 general volunteering hours chalked up over SAR 91,000 in economic value as SEDCO teams offered more general assistance where needed – from distributing meals to organizing clean-ups.

SEDCO’s culture of volunteering and the success of Badir throughout 2022 saw the organization feted in first place at the National Award for Volunteering presented by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

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