Khomasiyat Tabah Limited Company

Khomasiat Tabah is a Jeddah-headquartered real estate developer partially owned by SEDCO Holding Group. The firm benefits from SAR 700 million in paid-up and fully-injected capital to fund its operations.

Khomasiat Tabah’s business activities focus on urban development in Saudi Arabia, particularly in Makkah and Madinah. The company generates returns by selling commercial and residential plots after developing them.

Khomasiat Tabah’s success stems from its ability to develop, operationalize and deliver premium land plots in key cities. The firm’s growth is driven by demand in the affordable housing segment of the market. It relies on its strong resource bank and managerial expertise to turn land banks into working assets that benefit Saudi Arabia’s economy.

The firm is known for its reliability, prudent projections and rigorous land selection processes. Recently completed projects include the Morouj Al-Sultan project in Madinah, which is situated on 470,000 m2 of land. Meanwhile, new land plots are constantly being acquired in prime locations.