Bonnon is a homegrown Saudi alternative to global coffee chains and is gaining ground through a focus on product quality and customer care. Established in 2006, the brand continues to benefit from increasing consumer interest in specialty coffee and a perfectly brewed cup.

Bonnon kiosks are dotted around the city in prominent locations. The brand’s wholly-owned coffee roasters are helping it meet consumer demand for premium freshly roasted coffee beans. The brand’s recognition is rising in line with increasing customer awareness of specialty coffee and a growing coffee culture in Saudi Arabia.

Bonnon is committed to innovation and expansion. Internally, a process of continuous improvement is implementing Point of Sale (PoS) improvements and dependable centralized systems. Bonnon coffee products have also benefitted from revamped packaging to improve freshness and desirability.

Despite market volatility, coffee shops and cafes are growing at a rapid pace in Saudi Arabia. There is also growing demand high quality specialty coffee beans. In this upbeat environment,

Bonnon is roasting and brewing exceptional products and upgrading its food menu to capture taste buds.