Bank Muamalat

SEDCO Holding owns 17.9% of the award-winning Bank Muamalat Indonesia (BMI), Indonesia’s first Shariah Bank. BMI has an operating history stretching back to 1992, and continues to transform its business positioning from traditional Islamic bank to a modern retail banking institution.

As Indonesia’s first pure Shariah Bank, BMI is committed to delivering products and services that adhere to Shariah principles but are also attractive to clients and extremely competitive in the general market. The bank has in recent years positioned itself strongly by refining its financing portfolios, and optimizing processes and improved service level capability across all operations.

The bank has also created a prudent balance between new business development and risk management, while implementing rigorous cost management discipline to further boost operational success.

Bank Muamalat’s strong process management is seeing its bad debt and Non-Performing Financing portfolio drop year on year, which in turn leads to target-beating before-tax profits and Return on Equity.

In retail, the bank is tapping community programs, appealing to new audiences and offering attractive products in the pension, mortgage and SME financing spaces.