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Ahmed Marashde

Chief Executive Officer


TARFEEH is a wholly-owned SEDCO subsidiary that develops and operates well-known international and domestic F&B brands. It is now the market leader in Saudi Arabia’s F&B sector, with its portfolio including Applebee’s and Ocean Basket.

TARFEEH leads the market in casual dining, with its Applebee’s properties gaining in popularity. Tarfeeh operates over 20 Applebee’s branches in Saudi Arabia. The brand is also expanding its Ocean Basket seafood brand.

Despite market fluctuations TARFEEH’s brands continue attracting growing audiences. They are tailored to local tastes, and benefit from carefully-positioned outlets in high-traffic areas.

TARFEEH is agile in its marketing, and has solidified its position through B2B and co-marketing opportunities. The company also aggressively promotes home delivery for all its brands to access new audiences.

Rising demand is prompting internal improvements too. The company has invested in the development of a new head office and state of the art support center in Jeddah to support future growth and brand positioning. The new head office includes a prototype Applebee’s branch on the ground floor. Technologically, an Enterprise Management project centralizes data gathering for portfolio brands, wand delivers recordkeeping and automated alerts and for government permits.

TARFEEH’s market success boils down to a careful choice of franchisee brands that align with local tastes, and the creation of a financially smart restaurant model that optimizes supply chains and keeps operating costs low.

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